Transformers: The Video Game is a video game off of the 2007 Live-action movie based off of the popular Transformers series, where Sam Witwicky must help the Autobots get the Allspark before the Decepticons do and destroy their Earth.


Floating BuildingEdit

In the City of Machines, at a certain area viewing the Ocean, there is a floating Building far away above the Water. This might be a misplaced or cut building.

Flipping Bumblebee on Railroad TracksEdit

In City of Machines, if Bumblebee drives fastly onto some breakable Railroad Tracks, they will collapse and Bumblebee will fly up into the air.

Make Stuff fall in WaterEdit

In City of Machines, the player can push an item into the water by running it into it, then it will fall through the water and disappear. This can also be done with cars.