The Yoshi Tongue Glitch is a glitch in Super Mario Sunshine, where if Mario dismounts Yoshi while he isthumb|300px|right

Yoshi Tongue Glitch


Super Mario Sunshine

Areas to perform:

All locations except Corona Mountain

about to eat an enemy/fruit, Yoshi will remain frozen with the enemy still doing its animation, and Yoshi will have his Saddle lifted off of his back a bit. If Mario mounts Yoshi again, he can walk around with the enemy/fruit still floating, but if Yoshi uses his Tongue again, he will eat the enemy that was used in the glitch, but in Delfino Plaza going into the Blue Coin Shop with a Fruit still floating and tries to eat it from there, there won't be any enemy/Fruit. When this glitch is done with an enemy, it will stay in its animation and won't be solid. This can be done with Birds and Butterflies too. Every enemy has a different affect to this:


If you Yoshi catches a Blooper that contsantly goes under then above the platform, it will stay doing the same thing but floating in the air.


Will keep walking in the air. After a little while it can be hopped on an defeated.

Crawling SpiderEdit

Keeps crawling.

Electro KoopaEdit

Will keep walking but will still throw its shell at Mario.

Swipin' StuEdit

Keeps flying and cannot harm Mario.


The Fruit will stay frozen in the air and eventually disappear and reappear where it was spawned.