The Stuck Bob-Omb Glitch is a funny glitch that happens in Super Mario Sunshine, where a Bob-Omb gets

Stuck Bob-Omb


Super Mario Sunshine

Areas to perform:

Pinna Park-Star 2

jammed in Monty Mole's Cannon.

How to do itEdit

  1. Go to the Second Star of Pinna Park

2. Run up to the Monty Mole at a good time when he's about to throw a Bob-Omb

3. Now the Bob-Omb crushed in the Cannon

What the stuck Bob-Omb doesEdit

Besides being stuck in the Cannon, the Bob-Omb is walking in place on its side and it isn't solid and it doesn't explode. This glitch can be undone by getting the Monty Mole to come out again.

Why this happensEdit

The Bob-Omb is programmed to start moving when the Monty Mole tosses it, but if the Monty Mole can't throw it, it just stays in one spot.