Shrek 2 is the Shrek game based of off the 2004 animated film, Shrek 2.


Disappearing PeopleEdit

In Far, Far, Away, use Shrek to make one of the citizens dizzy and pick them up and enter either the Fight the Rats or Protect Cinderella Mini Game, when the players enter the Game, the person will disappear, making Shrek hold nothing.

Pumkin crashEdit

At Jack and Jill's Farm, pick up a Chicken and enter the Mini Game where the players must make all the Chickens fly off. The Chicken you brought in won't fly off, so you can bring to the Giant Pumkin Boss, where throe\wing the Chicken at it hurts it. When the Pumpkin is on its last hitpoint, throw the Chicken at it and the game should freeze.

Out of Far, Far, AwayEdit

In Far, Far, Away, hop on the head of the man driving the Carriage when he is about to go through the invisible barrier at the end of town. Keep jumping while on the man's head. If your timing is correct, the player will go through the invisible barrier.