The Secret Beaches are three cut Beaches in Crash Twinsanity that can be gotten to by the use of different ways.

Secret Beach 1Edit

The First Secret Beach has some Rocks and Trees on it and a floating Nitro Crate above it. The water is not yet programmed to drown Crash. By climbing the tree to the left of Cortex at the beginning of Jungle Bungle and jumping over the Invisible Barrier blocking off the Beach.

Secret Beach 2Edit

The Second Secret Beach is just a small portion of sand and a walkway of grass to the side. The water is still not properly programmed. Crash can crawl on the edge of the grass by the waterfall by the Nitro and Tribesman and get under the barriers and go through the Jungle to reach the Beach.

Secret Beach 3Edit

The third Beach is fully complete and has properly programmed water. It is much larger than the first and even has cliff walls over the Beach. Like the first, this one has Rocks and Trees. For some reason, there are Spiky Rocks on the Beach. This one can be reached the same way as the second one.

A Fourth?Edit

In Totem Hokum, before entering the Village, jumping by the right side of the Gate will reveal a fourth Secret Beach, but unlilke the others, its hidden. There is also some rocks on the Beach.