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Scooby Doo: Night of 100 Frights is a video game based off of the classical Scooby Doo series where Scooby must save the Gang from the evil Mastermind.


Skip to Monster Token[]

When the player enters Mystic Manor, Scooby comes across some stairs and a platform with a Monster Token above. Scooby can make a jump to the Token on a certain part of the stairs or railing.

Major Shortcut to Skull Cliff[]

Before entering Skull Cliff, Scooby must get the Plunger power up to go up a slippery slope to go into the gate to it. However, Scooby can get a Sea Monster to chase into the wall of the slope, then Scooby can use his Slam attack to bounce up to the gate, but Scooby will to jump again then quickly enter the gate as he is falling back down. Now Scooby has skipped collecting the Plunger.

Scooby jumps with a Helmet[]

Scooby must push the Attack button then quickly tap the Jump button. If done right, Scooby will jump with his helmet briefly on.