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Pikmin is the popular game where Captain Olimar crash lands onto a strange planet and needs the help of his new friends, the Pikmin, to repair his ship so he can escape the planet before he succumbs to the poisonous oxygen.


Crushed Pikmin[]

Sometimes if an enemy falls onto some Pikmin, they will disappear with no sign that they have been killed, so they just disappear.

Silent Whistle[]

To make Olimar's Whistle silent, tap the whistle button twice then hold it. The third Whistle will be silent.

Control Purple Pikmin[]

In any level with a Puffstool, take a few Pikmin and dismiss them just as they are about to get turned into Toadmin. Then quickly call them back as the Puffstool turns them into Toadmin. Now you can control the Toadmin.

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