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The Japanese Minus World.

Minus World is a very popular glitch in Super Mario Brothers which teleports the player to a glitched version of

Minus World

the level 2-1.

How to Do It[]

  1. Go to the end of 1-2 as big or fire-flower Mario.
  2. Break the last two bricks above the warp pipe.
  3. Do a crouch jump at the edge of the pipe into the wall.
  4. If done correctly, the player will go through the wall and slide into the Warp Zone.
  5. Now go into the first pipe and you will end up in Minus World.


This level is GLITCHED and the Warp Pipe takes you back to the beginning of the level, making it completely impossible to finish without the use of a cheating device.

Awsome Shortcut[]

For some odd reason, finishing the Minus World in the Japanese Version finishes the game, proven by Goombas now being replaced by Buzzy Beetles, so if you want to finish the game and have this version, do it the easy way!

A much, much, different Minus World[]

The Japanese version is a must see due to it not being a slightly glitched 2-1, but a glitched level featuring headless Bowsers, floating Princess Peaches, randomly placed enemies, and underwater gameplay. This resembles none of the levels in the game. It is by far much more fun than the normal Minus World.