Mario Kart Wii is a kart racing Mario game made exclusively for the Wii system.


Stuck PokeyEdit

In the Thwomp Desert, if the player rolls a Pokey around it might get jammed between some cacti making it stuck in one place.

Losing or Winning in an Ice BlockEdit

In Sherbet Land, if the player falls into the water and finishes the race, they will be doing they're winning or losing animation while they are frozen in a cube of ice.

Get stuck on a Coconut Mall SignEdit

If Mario goes fast enough on a bike, he can get stuck on a hanging sign in Coconut Mall.312px|This video is an example. I do not own it.

Drive in the Coconut Mall parking lotEdit

If the player drives uses a Small Boost on the left railing of the second row of escalaters at the bottom and aim for a certain area, they can drive through some non-solid parts and get into the Parking Lot.

Cut Item BoxEdit

In the second Spiky Topman Tournament, if the player falls of a certain part of the Galaxy Colliseum, they can see a Cut Item Box at the bottom of the pit.

Play as the same Character Edit

First, there needs to be multiple players, then one needs to select the desired character for the glitch, then he needs to un-select him then the other player or all the players need to do this, then they need to go back to the mode selection and return to the Character selection. Now the character used in this glitch can be selected by all of the players.

Driving on nothing in DK SummitEdit

In DK Summit, there is an area where the driver can ride up the walls, but if the player rides on the walls before entering normal driving ground, the player will be driving on an invisible wall.

Fall through water in Koopa CapeEdit

In the tube near the end of the race with the electronic Koopa Shell pictures, drive against the left wall until you go off the ramp. then you will fall through the water and onto some ground and lose.