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Crash Bandicoot 100+ Lives GlitchCrash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes BackCrash Nitro Kart
Crash Tag Team RacingCrash Tag Team Racing: Floating PeopleCrash Tag Team Racing: Frozen Crash
Crash Tag Team Racing: Get out of Stunt ArenasCrash Tag Team Racing: Hop on Character's Heads when talking to themCrash Tag Team Racing: Move Story Characters
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Crash Twinsanity/Cutscene Glitches ListCrash Twinsanity: Cortex LevitatesCrash Twinsanity: Enemy Slam Error
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Super Mario Bros. 3: Super ShoeSuper Mario BrothersSuper Mario Brothers: Small Fire Mario
Super Mario SunshineSuper Mario Sunshine: Broken BridgeSuper Mario Sunshine: Bubba Fruit Glitch
Super Mario Sunshine: Cut Rocket Nozzle BoxSuper Mario Sunshine: Die when talking to an NPCSuper Mario Sunshine: Go inside the Pinna Park Cannon
Super Mario Sunshine: Killed by a PiantaSuper Mario Sunshine: Normal FLUDD spraying like a Turbo FLUDDSuper Mario Sunshine: Put Yoshi in a FLUDD Box
Super Mario Sunshine: Stuck Bob-OmbSuper Mario Sunshine: The Secret BookSuper Mario Sunshine: Yoshi Tongue Glitch
Super Monkey Ball 2Super Monkey Ball 2 - 4,500mph glitchThe Emperor's New Groove
Transformers: The Video GameUnused Items
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