Lego Starwars II: The Original Trilogy is the sequel to the Lego Starwars Game made by Lego featuring the

Lego Starwars II: The Original Trilogy

Date Made:



Traveller's Tales


PS2, Nintendo DS

Movies 4,5, and 6.


Defeat JabbaEdit

If the player takes a Jedi or Sith Character into the Jabba's Missions room they can use they're Lightsaber to defeat Jabba, who drops a heart and is replaced by another one.

Get Out of Bounds in Lego CityEdit

A glitch that allows the player to get out of Lego City's Boundaries. Follow these steps to do this glitch:

  1. Make the flying house fly away.
  2. Drive a Landspeeder against the wall behind the flying house.
  3. Wait for the House to come back down with the player still in.
  4. Make the house fly away without a player in it, then the Landspeeder will go through the wall.
  5. Jump in the Landspeeder.

Now the player can explore the outskirts of Lego City, but some parts are not solid and will make the player fall.

Walk under Lego CityEdit

By doing the get out of Lego City glitch, the player can fall through the non-solid ground and run towards Lego City as they are falling, then the screen will jump when they are back in the boundaries of the level. Now they can be under Lego City as long as they're running.

Skip the Imperial Spy BossEdit

If the player uses Extra Toggle in Mos Eisley Spaceport in the Spy Boss as a Womp Rat, they can run into a certain spot of the Millenium Falcon's Door and finish the level.

Driving DroidsEdit

At the end of the level Across the Jundland Wastes, there is a large mud pit that must be crossed with a landspeeder. If the player hops out of the Vehicle while it is over the mud, the player needs to change to a Droid and fall in the mud. Now they will be riding the Landspeeder.