thumb|right|300px|The First Out of Bounds glitch.Lego Starwars: The Video Game is a Lego Video Game based off of the Lego Starwars toyline, featuring Episodes I, II, and III.


Get out of Defense of KashyyykEdit

In the area of Defense of Kashyyk where Clones and Battle Droids are running on the Beach, the player can use Jar-Jar to hop on a rock and jump onto a log above the area where the player entered the area. Now the player is Out of the Boundaries. Another Out of Bounds glitch can be done in the area after this with General Grevious, where Grevious can hop on the side and go under the barriers.

thumb|right|339px|The Second Out of Bounds glitch.

Skip the Darth Maul Bridge SegmentEdit

In the level Darth Maul, the player can use a high jumping character like Grevious to hop on the piece of bridge floating and get to Darth Maul in the first segment of the level.

Count Dooku Anikan GlitchEdit

After Anikan gets his hand severed off in the Count Dooku level, the player can defeat him, then he will respawn holding his Lightsaber.

Moving Injured AnikanEdit

The player can move the Injured Anikan by getting Count Dooku to run into him, then Anikan will get slightly pushed by Dooku.

Grevious gets hurt by nothingEdit

In Grevious' boss, there is an area where the player needs to force an exploding Canister over to a cliff where Grevious will go to and it must be shot to explode and take away one of Grevious' hearts, but if the player shoots the Canister before Grevious gets there, right when he gets there he will get hurt and hop off.

out of bounds using a door Edit

Push the npc past a door entrance then switch to them, if they are far enough in the door, you will get out of bounds.