Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Advenutes is a Lego Video game off of the Lego Indiana Jones toy lne.


Get out of Shanghai ShowdownEdit

In Shanghai Showdown there is an area where Short Round must push down a Box, but if the player uses Extra Toggle and plays as Willie in that area, the player can hop on a small platform there and hop on a girder and jump over the barriers of the level.

Ugly WillieEdit

If Willie picks up a Weapon her hair will be disfigured.

Walk under Battle on the BridgeEdit

In Battle on the Bridge, before the Boss there is an area with a secret hole leading to an underground tunnel, but if one of the player pushes a character that is not being played as in the hole, they can change to them and walk under a small portion of the ground.

Get out of the City of DangerEdit

In the City of Danger there is an area with Stairsteps with Swordsman on them. If Marion stands on a certain step and jumps on the edge of a certain building, Marion will fall through the building and be able to walk underground in certain spots as long as they are walking.

Easy Machine Gunner Boss Edit

In Into the Mountains a Machine Gunner boss is fought, but he appears later on as an enemy, so by a glitch he can be defeated like one.

  1. Get to fighting the Machine Gunner
  2. Use Indy and go up to the Balcony above the Machine Gunner.
  3. Whip with Indy and he will break into pieces and be defeated.

Floating Machine GunnerEdit

Sometimes when doing the Machine Gunner Boss Cheat, instead of being defeated he will float high up infront of the Balcony.