Robin gets none of the credit.

Lego Batman: The Video Game
is a Lego game based off of the 2006 Lego Batman series.
Lego Batman: The Video Game

Date Released:



Traveller's Tales


PS2, PSP, Wii


Clone Robin/NightwingEdit

In the main Hub, Robin or Nightwing can use the Decoy power and tag the decoy and walk away from the explosion, then the decoy will respawn, now they can lay down as many Decoys as they want to get more Robins or Nightwings.

Play as Villains or Heros in the wrong placeEdit

If the player simultaneously changes characters before they change to the Batcave or Arkum Asylum, they will play as a Villain in the Batcave or a Hero in Arkum Asylum.

Fly out of boundsEdit

If one player picks Mr. Freeze and one picks a flying Character, the flying Character must hop on an air vent and Mr. Freeze must freeze him before he flies up. Now Mr. Freeze needs to drop out. The Frozen Character needs to press X to go up higher and higher, then when the Ice Cube breaks he can fly anywhere until he falls or touches the ground.

Batgirl Slam ErrorEdit

There is a bug that prevents Batgirl from doing the slam attack.