Lego Batman: Character Cloning Glitch is a glitch in Lego Batman: The Video Game where Robin, Nightwing, Batman, Batgirl, and every Hero and Villain in the game can be cloned.

How to do itEdit

  1. Get the decoy power-up.
  2. Use it in the Batcave.
  3. Press the "Character Swap" Button and change to your decoy.
  4. Run away from the area where it will explode.
  5. There will be an explosion in place of where it was and you will lose.
  6. You will respawn playing as a clone of Robin/Nightwing.
  7. If you want to get more Robin's/Nightwing's without the risk of them falling off a platform, do this in the Trophy room.
  8. It will get very hard to find your Decoy-laying Robin/Nightwing in the swarms, and sometimes he might even get stuck out of bounds when not being played as due to the thousands of Robins/Nightwings.
  9. If you want to clone any Hero or Villain, do this in the main area of the Batcave and go to the lever that takes you to Arkhum Asylum.
  10. When you are changing to Arkhum Asylum, rapidly press the Character swap button.
  11. When you are in Arkhum Asylum, there is a chance that you might be Robin/Nightwing. But do the glitch, you must have the Decoy-laying Robin, so just to be sure, make all of your Robins/Nightwings wear the Technology suit.
  12. When you are in Arkhum Asylum, clone lots of Robins/Nightwings.
  13. When you have cloned them, go to the screen and pull the lever and rapidly press the Character Swap Button.
  14. When you are in the Batcave.