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Donkey Kong arcade machine.

Donkey Kong is a classic Arcade Game from 1981, in which the famous

Donkey Kong




Arcade Machine, NES

Date made:


Mario must go up a Construction Site to save his girlfriend Pauline from an Ape called Donkey Kong.


Kill Screen[]

On the 22nd Level (later versions 55 and Japanese 185) of the game, a Kill Screen happens and gives Mario less than four Seconds in the level, making it unfinishable. Its article can be viewed here.

Easy Points[]

In level 125, if Mario gets next to Donkey Kong and starts jumping, he will be awarded 100 Points for every jump. So this can be used to get as many points as possible before time runs out. Enjoy!

Ladder Skip[]

(Only for NES) in level 1, go to the 1st ladder and be slightly to the left of it then press down, you can now climb to the top of the level.