Cut Items are in Video Games that were intended for use but cut and hidden at a certain area so the player can't see it, but can be seen or reached through a glitch.

Unused ItemsEdit

Unused Items are Minor items can be found under or outside a level, and can range from Flowers to Trees, or sometimes mechanics.

Unused CharactersEdit

Unused Charcters are Characters that never appear in the game or are Clones of a Character that already exists in the game.

Unused EnemiesEdit

Unused Enemies are enemies that already exist in the game hidden in a secret area. Some are motionless Clones.

Unused PlatformsEdit

Unused Platforms are mostly invisible platforms placed over pits, but can be stood on by falling into the right place.

Test LevelsEdit

Test Levels are extremely rare and can teleport the player to a level used for testing the mechanics of the game. For instance, in Donkey Kong 64, there is a glitch to find and play in a test level.

Cut Level LeftoversEdit

In some video games, it is possible to find ''''''Cut Level Leftovers, leftovers from a level or area that was cut or deleted from the game.