Whack-a-Cortex is a "glitch" in Crash Twinsanity where Cortexes start coming out of the Worm Holes at Farmer Ernest's Farm.

How to do itEdit

First you must watch the Ernest Scene then quickly spin into Cortex and run over to the Worm Holes. Then Cortexes will start to pop up.

Random AnimationsEdit

The Cortexes display some random animations, which are: Kissing Face, Crystal Grab, Running, Walking, and they do a Radial Blast animation when they are hit.

Fake GlitchEdit

This is most likely a fake glitch due to multiple Cortexes coming out of Worm Holes. If dragging Cortex over to the worm holes makes Cortexes pop out of the holes, why doesn't running to the Worm Holes without Cortex make Crashes come out of the Worm Holes? But because the Cortexes don't count when they are defeated, this might have been a test and they used random animations for the Cortexes, but two Worms are still present.