Take Cortex Anywhere is a very popular glitch in Crash Twinsanity, where the player can drag Cortex to levels where he should never be in.

Doing the GlitchEdit

First, the player needs to go to Farmer Ernest's Farm, watch the Cutscene, the spin into Cortex and throw him so he can shoot at the chickens or Ernest, now run down to the Beach, now Cortex will warp there, starting the glitch.

How to get Cortex past difficult partsEdit

Cortex sometimes might warp where you want him to, or sometimes he might warp right over a pit. In difficult terrain that Crash and Cortex cannot get across together, Crash can make Cortex warp to a safe spot, then the player can go to a Checkpoint and lose to get Cortex again.

Crashing risksEdit

The game will crash if: the player saves the game anywhere but Slip Slide Icecapades, if Cortex is brought to the Airship to the Academy of Evil, if Crash and Cortex lose all they're lives, and if the player does not have Cortex, skips a Checkpoint and loses to get Cortex.

The levels Cortex can be taken toEdit

Cortex can be taken to N. Sanity Island (already playable at Ernest's Farm and the Tikimon Boss), Jungle Bungle, Totem Hokum, the Iceberg Lab, the first part of Ice Climb, Slip Slide Icecapades (can be done through a different glitch), High Seas Hi-Jinks, Twinsanity Island, and Rockslide Rumble (very brief).

N. Sanity IslandEdit

The game has been known to crash when coming to N. Sanity Beach or even overfill with water, but it is still possible.

Jungle BungleEdit

Jungle Bungle has no risk of crashing, but only through a glitch.

Totem HokumEdit

The glitch can be ruined here with the Doc Amok Bee Chase, and the game has a high chance of crashing.

Iceberg LabEdit

The game can't crash here, but sometimes a mysterious glitch happens when coming here with Cortex makes him blow up when starting.

Ice ClimbEdit

If Cortex is dragged into the Penguin Cutscene the game will freeze up.

Slip Slide IcecapadesEdit

There is no risk at all of the game crashing and the game can even be saved here.

High Sea Hi-JinksEdit

The game might crash when losing at certain checkpoints to get Cortex.

Twinsanity IslandEdit

The doors might trap you inside the lab because of loading mess-ups because of bringing Cortex there.

Rockslide RumbleEdit

The game will crash if Cortex is brought into the cutscene.