The Enemy Slam Error is a glitch in Crash Twinsanity where if Crash slams a Hog, Tribesman, Monkey,

Enemy Slam Error


Crash Twinsanity

Glitch Type:

General Glitch

Areas to perform:

N. Sanity Island, Totem Hokum, Academy of Evil, Classroom Chaos

etc., on the head they will freeze in their animation.

Enemies' affects with this GlitchEdit


The Monkey will simply freeze in its animation, or if slammed when its standing still it will finish its animation and freeze.


The Hog will run around in a circle or run in place before disappearing.


The Tribesman will take a step backwards and freeze, meaning that its animation got more complete than others.

Guard DogEdit

The Dog will walk in place or spin around in a circle.

School Guard Edit

The Guard will just freeze.

Why this happensEdit

This glitch happens because these enemies have an incomplete slammed animation, like Rats get flattened when they are slammed on the head.