This is a list of Crash Twinsanity's Cutscene Bugs and Glitches.


Cortex in CutscenesEdit

When using the Take Cortex Everywhere Glitch, the player can bring Cortex into Cutscenes where he is not supposed to be.

Aku Aku Crate Tutorial CutsceneEdit

Break Aku Aku's CrateEdit

Use a Soccer Ball or Beach Ball and spin it into the Crate. The Cutscene will now play with two Aku Akus!

Collect the Aku AkuEdit

Bring Cortex to the Cutscene with the TCE Glitch (Take Cortex Everywhere) and throw him into the Aku Aku Crate. Now grab him and run into the Cutscene. Crash will collect the Aku Aku during the Cutscene, either giving him invincibility or making sparkles appear from an invisible Aku beside Crash.

Concussion CortexEdit

Bring Cortex into the Cutscene and slam while entering the Cutscene. During the whole Cutscene Cortex will be smacking his head against the ground constantly.

Invisible CrashEdit

Get hurt by a Crab and run into the Cutscene. If you are lucky, Crash will be invisible during the entire Cutscene. This will also trigger the "play as nothing or play as Aku Aku glitch". v

Spin Tutorial CutsceneEdit

Ghost HaystackEdit

Use the Haystack near the Tiki and spin it in front of Cortex. When the Cutscene starts, he will walk right through the Haystack.

Double Jump Tutorial CutsceneEdit

Temporary T-StanceEdit

If Crash starts the Cutscene while on the Mushrooms to the right, Cortex will be in T-Stance for half-a-second.

Slide Tutorial CutsceneEdit

Distracted TribesmanEdit

Walk against the rock to the left and start the Cutscene. The Tribesman that Cortex slides will quickly look to where you are standing then look back forward.

Cortex Boss Starting CutsceneEdit

Crash pays no AttentionEdit

Like most Cutscenes of the game, if the player looks in any direction and starts the Cutscene, they will be looking in the wrong direction.

Cortex Boss ending CutsceneEdit

Visible Ray GunEdit

It is possible to see Cortex's Ray Gun by getting hurt when this Cutscene starts. The Ray Gun will be floating.