Crash Team Racing
is the first Crash Bandicoot Kart racing game where Crash and his friends must compete in a racing competition in order to save the earth from the evil Nitrous Oxide.


Boss Head GlitchEdit

In the PAL Version of the game, before the Title Screen there is a Language selection, and by exiting it with the triangle button, all of the words will be turned into slashes and hyphens, but when doing adventure Mode, all the bosses (except Ripper Roo) have swapped heads; Komodo Joe has Oxide's head, Papu Papu has Pinstripe's head, Pinstripe has Komodo Joe's head, and Oxide has Papu Papu's head. This might also be an Easter Egg because of the simplicity of the glitch.thumb|300px|right This also works on the PSN version of the game.

Infinite MissilesEdit

If the player enters in an infinite Weapon code and hits a Red Beaker, sometimes the player might get Infinite Missiles, an ability only available in the Japanese Version.

Get out of Blizzard BluffEdit

It is possible to get out of Blizzard Bluff by going fast enough and jumping at the snowy area on the side of the track.

Make Oxide fall down a pitEdit

If the player shoots a Missile at the appropriate time when racing Oxide, they can make Oxide fall down the pit giving the player a huge lead.

Pent up PentaEdit

In the NTSC-US Version of the game, Penta Penguin is incomplete. His voice coding is messed up and makes him sound like he is speaking another language. As and addition to this, he has an Uka Uka Icon instead of the Aku Aku icon that he should have.

Note: This glitch was fixed in PAL, Japan, and all other following versions.

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