The CTTR game case.

Crash Tag Team Racing
is the third Crash Bandicoot racing game where Crash and his friends needs to find all of the stolen Power Gems in Von Clutch's Motorworld in order to win the deed to the park, and also of course race.


Floating PeopleEdit

At random times, one of the Park Visitors may start to walk in mid-air and levitate upwards and disappear.

Zombie CrashEdit

When using the Japanese Crash costume, when Crash goes back to his normal appearance, he will have no pupils when he is standing still and his shadow will have outstretched arms.

Hop on a character's head when talking to themEdit

If Crash hops on a character's head at a right spot he can talk to them with him hopping on they're head.

Get out of Stunt ArenasEdit

If the player goes high enough in a Stunt arena, he/she can go over the invisible wall blocking them from getting out. The player is now falling infinitely until time runs out.

Darkened Mini-GamesEdit

If the player spins a Mini-Game Park Drone into water or some other hazard and talks to them right before he loses, the Mini-Game that he picks will be darkened because of losing.

Skip Mystery IslandEdit

It is possible to skip Mystery Island by hopping around the barricade blocking the entrance.

Crazy WheelsEdit

In Stunt Arenas, if the player collides with something high up in the air on they're side, they're wheels will messed up for half a second.

Move Story CharactersEdit

If Crash spins into a Story character and goes a bit away and spins them again, the will start to move.

Frozen CrashEdit

If Crash Double-Jumps then activates the Debug Camera and turns it off again, Crash will be frozen in one stance but still controlable. This will wear off in a few seconds.

Freeze TimeEdit

NOTE: This may not work on Gamecube.

Activate the Debug Menu Cheat Code and enter the Fisheye lense camera, and with the right analog stick, zoom in on Crash, now with the left analog stick zoom very far out until all of the Characters disappear, now slowly zoom in. Everyone will be frozen in one stance, but still moving, even Crash!